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TWC Deep Clean

Specialist on-site deep clean treatments

We provide a specialised onsite deep clean service comprising the most advanced cleaning techniques, high performance equipment and the most effective cleaning, sanitising, de-greasing and anti-slip products available. All supported by a team of professional, diligent and experienced operatives.

Operating to strict Health and Safety standards, we will carry out an intensive, initial deep clean to provide the perfect platform for efficient and effective routine maintenance by your own cleaning team.

We are, of course, highly flexible in our working hours to minimise any disruption to your normal routines.

Toilet & washroom deep cleans

How many times have you entered toilets or washrooms where the overpowering smell of urine and other unpleasant odours dominate the air that you breathe?

As a facility provider, you have a duty of care to users by providing toilet and washroom facilities which are clean, hygienic and free from unpleasant odours and any risk of infection or cross-contamination.

Combining years of research and development along with the latest technological advances in cleaning and hygiene systems, TWC is now able to provide an unparalleled specialist service to effectively combat the widespread problems in these critical areas.

You may like to try our interactive simulation of a washroom deep clean.

Protect your users and your reputation – contact us today for a free consultation.

Kitchen & catering facilities

We offer the highest standards of health and hygiene in kitchen and food areas providing deep cleans that are unrivalled.

We use the latest in hygiene and cleaning technology together with high-power steam equipment to eradicate and prevent the growth of harmful bacteria and mould.

We can also deep clean your air filtration system, canopies and ducting and you can be assured that only the best results will be achieved.

All food preparation and other hard surfaces will be treated and left clinically clean so you can use your facilities with confidence knowing you are reducing any possible risk of cross contamination and protecting both your customers and your reputation. Our treatments will ensure you achieve a 5 star rating for hygiene and cleanliness.

Carpet & floor care

We offer a full range of Intensive deep clean treatments for carpets and floor tiles, upholstery and all types of hard flooring. You’ll be amazed at the results that we can achieve using our high-spec steam machines and exclusive cleaning solutions. Our treatments are also fast drying for minimum disruption to your routines. We’ll give new life and longevity to all treated surfaces with an appearance which will impress all customers, staff and visitors.

We can also incorporate our anti-microbial treatment which will provide long-term protection against harmful and odour-making bacteria, algae and mould.

TWC Deep Clean

Hygiene & infection control treatments

Our infection control treatments incorporate ground-breaking ‘green’ anti-microbial technology which is not only the most effective product in today’s marketplace with a kill rate of 99.9999%, but also provides lasting protection to inhibit further growth and spread of harmful microbes and odour causing bacteria.

Universal in application our treatments offer unparalleled protection for corporate, public, leisure and care environments and are effective on virtually all surfaces including fabrics and upholstery.

Now you can have the confidence and peace of mind that you are providing the highest standards of health and hygiene protection for employees, visitors and

TWC Deep Clean

Shipping & cruise liner cleaning treatments

We provide intensive deep clean and infection control treatments to leading operators in the cruise liner and ferry passenger services.

The high volume and diversity of passengers and crew on board – often in confined areas for considerable periods of time – creates a demand for stringent health and hygiene standards to be maintained at all times.

TWC treated areas are set on par to those of a hospital theatre providing operators with a ‘first class’ finish and total peace of mind.

Our treatments will create an environment to help your existing cleaning operatives establish a foundation for a more effective routine maintenance programme whilst also substantially reducing your on-going cleaning costs.

TWC Deep Clean

Vehicle & public transport interiors

TWC provide specialist interior deep cleans for both public service and commercial vehicles. We not only expertly clean all visible and accessible surface areas with specific attention to detail, our experience means we achieve the same standard of finish you would expect from a high class car valet.

A TWC specialist interior deep clean will bring the appearance of your vehicles back to ‘as good as new’ with a finish and feel that will guarantee client satisfaction.

Treated vehicle interiors don’t just look clean, they ‘feel’ clean and will definitely impress all passengers and more importantly, you, the service provider.

TWC Deep Clean

Industrial Floor Paint & Treatments

We provide deep clean services to all varieties of commercial and heavy industrial factory and workshop floors. We re-paint to your specifications with perfect preparation and set standards of the highest quality. We also treat inspection pits with the same thoroughness.

The vast majority of companies only remove up to 40% of old surface residue on a re-paint. TWC deep clean aim for and achieve around 90-95% removal.

All safety areas, walkways and storage areas are designated in high-vis durable coatings and warning/advisory signage provided as required.

The extra steps we take are reflected in the finished result. We also provide a professional on-going maintenance programme to ensure your newly painted and treated floor surfaces are protected in the best possible way.

TWC and Bradite floor paint working together for perfect results.

TWC Deep Clean

Blitz Cleans & Troubleshooting

We offer a range of services to both improve the efficiency and performance of your existing cleaning team and address any specific areas which may be causing problems.

Our expertise and advice will give you the peace of mind that you are not only getting the best results possible from your cleaning operatives but also maximising your investment in cleanliness, health and hygiene to the benefit of all your customers, staff and visitors.

Cleaning & Hygiene Consultancy

inline_wwd_consultancyWith over 30 years of experience in the industry and some sophisticated detection equipment we can identify trouble spots and areas where cleaning could be improved and put in place solutions to deal with them.

We will visit your site and carry out a comprehensive survey to assess problem areas and specify necessary remedial actions in a written report and action plan.

Maintenance & Cleaning Programmes

All cleaning maintenance programmes we provide are written specifically for each individual site we visit. Our comprehensive programmes will put structure and organisation into your cleaning regimes, enabling your cleaning team to maintain consistent standards in appearance, cleanliness and hygiene.

Staff & Product Training

We can provide on-site training to all relevant personnel in the use of their equipment, materials, solutions and cleaning methodology, giving operatives extensive hands-on experience and cleaning knowledge relevant to their own working environment. This will enable them to work more confidently, competently and efficiently and deal with any on-site cleaning issues and problems which may arise. Certificates can be awarded where appropriate.

Bioshield Defence Solutions

Our infection control treatments incorporate ground-breaking ‘green’ anti-microbial technology which is not only the most effective product in today’s marketplace with a kill rate of 99.9999% (log 6), but also provides lasting protection to inhibit further growth and spread of harmful microbes and odour causing bacteria.

We also offer treatments using a range of specialist, safe to use products for problem areas, from getting rid of urine odours to stain removal and clearing blocked drains.

Universal in application our treatments offer unparalleled protection and performance for corporate, public, leisure and care environments and are effective on virtually all surfaces including fabrics and upholstery.

  • 99.9999% kill rate (log 6)
  • Prevents mutation of bacteria into ‘superbugs’
  • 24/7 residual surface protection
  • One application gives up to 30 days protection
  • Unique killing method reduces cross-contamination l Improving your hygiene standards and reputation
  • Reduced on-going cleaning costs


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